Testimonials From the WolfPack

"Staley Martial Arts, Sensei Gus, and Laurie are a collective 10!  They have introduced my 3 kids to Jiu-Jitsu and have not only taught them techniques and skills, but also commitment, discipline, and confidence.  I highly recommend this place to anyone interested in exploring the wonderful world of Jiu-Jitsu.  Come check them out.  You will not be disappointed."

Amy Hogrefe, mother of three BJJ students at Staley

"My wife and I are both in our mid-to-late 40's. We have both been doing boxing training for the last 6 years, and wanted to look into BJJ. Boy are we glad we did! Sensei Gus is thoughtful, explanatory, and moves at a pace in our personal training with him that suits us perfectly. Each time we get together we learn new and useful moves and techniques. We are looking forward to many more sessions with him, and advancing in our BJJ abilities. What a fantastic new experience! We cannot recommend it highly enough."

Jamie Bachmann, student

“Having trained and visited at about 3 different BJJ clubs this one by far is my favorite. Professor Gustavo Ariel Rudel has found a good balance between, a good workout, good instruction and a positive environment for sparring. The school also offers classes for children. The StaleyJiu-Jitsu for children is excellent!"

George Prigorski 

"Really great Jiu jitsu gym. The instructor is excellent, very hands on with attention to details and caters to all styles. I've enjoyed every class!" 

Cornell Foreman, student

Staley Martial Arts in Evanston, IL is the BEST!

Sensei Gustavo is a great instructor who leads with confidence, vast knowledge, visible passion, and ever-present patience.  Our two little guys enjoy learning from Sensei Gustavo.  The Sensei not only teaches martial arts moves, he also teaches life lessons of morality and respect of others.  Staley Martial Arts is a professionally run business with Laurie Jacobs at the helm.  Laurie is a problem-solving, schedule guru who is extremely responsive and efficient.  Money and time well spent!

A.W., J.W., O.R. & I.R.