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Guram Gegeshidze

Guram Gegeshidze is a mixed martial artist and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitor with extensive experience in Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, Striking, Submission wrestling, and Muay Thai. Born in Tbilisi, Georgia – Guram started his journey in 2006 at the Maguila BJJ Academy where he received the rank of blue belt under Vaja Iorashvili. He began competing at the age of 16. 

In 2014 Guram begin training at Pure Performance  Martial Arts Center in Washington, DC, and was entrusted to teach the children’s class. In 2016 received his purple belt from Pedro Sauer.  

Guram moved to California to pursue MMA and began training Kings MMA under Rafael Cordeiro and had two MMA fights in the countries of Georgia and Azerbaijan.

By chance, on a flight back from Tblisi, Guram encountered Master Carlson Gracie Junior during a layover at Doha International Airport, Qatar. Master Carlson invited him to come train at the World Headquarters, and in 2019 Guram moved to Chicago and took him up on the offer! 

Guram is a current instructor at Carlson Gracie World Headquarters in Chicago and is an active IBJJF competitor in the adult division.  He currently holds the rank of Brown Belt, which he was awarded by Master Carlson Gracie Junior. 

  • GA MMA Amateur Champion (Georgia)
  • AZFC Professional Fighter (Azerbaijan) 
  • NAGA World Championship – Bronze
  • Beast of the East – Grapplers Quest – Gold
  • Pro competitor at Midwest Finishers
  • IBJJF Chicago Open – Bronze (purple belt)